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Ok, so for all those who enjoy a good fanfic or two - I got back into my crazy Trekkie mode; the only way to ail this is to A) Read alot of Trek stuff (as i started my trek journey by book, tho i do still love TOS) or B) draw lots of Trek fanart. Sadly artist's block is worse than a kock block so i couldn't do the latter and instead went crazy with reading and not just any reading - fanfiction! Gasp! yes, I know, I'm horrible but i actually found one that i REALLY like - usually the fanfics i stumble across are just 'meh ok' staus level but this one, if u would plz excuse the video game slang - is 'pwnage'.
Before I go into the deets on how ah-mah-zing this thing is i gotta let u ppl know that it is an 'M' rated Spirk fic - any trek loving kiddies be warned - and there is an odd but endering fling thingy with McCoy n some random lady. Yeeeeeees.... :iconiseewhatyoudidthere:

BUT! That aside, i gotta say this fic is pretty darn good - this person seemed to know quite a bit of the background (it went off the new plot line of the 2009 movie fyi) and they got the characterazation down pretty darn well - which isn't easy. They even managed quiet a bit of depth on a new species they added into the mix as well as some details on xenobiology to give McCoy more things to blater on about. Seriously - i love McCoy and i don't understand half his medical mumbo jumbo so i absolutly ADORE it when they can really go into his crazy georgian doctor stuff - lord knows i don't have that kind of writing talent :XD:
Anyway, for those interested its called Secret Vulcan Mating Rituals (i kno u want to read it just by that title :iconicameplz:) and it can be found here ->…

Oh, and for anyone who caught my terrible trek pun, u get a cyber cookie :iconretardiloveitplz:
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